silo plus opening

Innovative offices for tomorrow’s way of working

As is the case with silo one, the two new office buildings are at the cutting edge in terms of energy supply and sustainability. The energy-efficient design chosen is displayed on the outside through its highly-efficient exterior, which allows through the maximum possible daylight into the interior, and in the use of the solid structural elements as storage media. The managed ventilation system, choice of ecological building materials, triple glazing in the windows (which can be opened) and the external blinds to protect against sun rays and glare all ensure a healthy indoor climate and pleasant atmosphere. Everything is geared to achieving low operating costs and unparalleled comfort to the total satisfaction of tenants.   

The clear ceiling height of just under three metres on the standard office floors allows optimal provision of natural daylight to the offices, right through to the central areas.

Why silo plus is a natural choice:

  • Pioneering building technology
  • Use of renewable energy sources (geothermics, photovoltaics)
  • Ideal indoor climate through the use of ecological building materials
  • Thermal comfort through managed ventilation
  • Generous ceiling heights
  • State-of-the-art communications technologies

Available rental space (as per GIF definitions)

Parking spaces, with parking deck

Layout plans

In the same way as exemplar silo one, this new office building is at the cutting edge in terms of energy supply and sustainability. The architectural design deploys a highly-efficient exterior to collect as much daylight as possible, and uses the solid structural elements of the building to store energy for later use.

Ground floor

Ground floor

Standard floor

Standard floor